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Laredo Discount Metals is partly owned and operated by Mueller Metals, LLC.  As a powerhouse in the industry, we are a dedicated supplier of metal building components, such as Cee and Zee Purlin.  We are also a leading distributor of hot rolled carbon steel shapes, structural steel angles, channels, beams, pipe, component that you may need to use in your farm or fleet situation.

Since 1998, Laredo Discount Metals has been offering high-quality products and services to our community and customers in the great state of Texas and beyond.  Our belief is "That in order to succeed, we need to be the best."

About Our Team

That is why we dedicate ourselves to earning the admiration, respect, and smiles of our customers every day.

With over three decades of experience, we continue to work together as a team with our customers, staff, and supplier partners in order to set a standard of excellence as a leader in our industry.

So when you need the finest in metal supplies or welding supplies for your business or ranch project, give us a call and challenge us to prove we have the best products for the best pricing.