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Each includes:

  • bolt-together beam frame
  • 26 gauge galvalume roof with 25 year limited warranty
  • 26 gauge colored walls with 10 year limited warranty (White, Light Stone, Tan, Forest Green)
  • Anchor bolts and layout drawings

The sizes shown are some of the more popular sizes for immediate delivery.
Of course, we can custom make a size just for you. Remember, if you don't see
anything that fits your budget, we have discounts on NON-warranty material.
Please come by or call and get some FREE advice.
and let us help you on your next building project.
Ask your salesman today for details and you'll see why we are #1 in the Laredo area!

NOTICE - Due to the fact that we are not providing a pre-engineered kit but components only, we can not
assume any liability for how they are used. Please consult an engineer for specific building and
load requirements in your area. Please weld purlins according to accepted welding specifications.


We have taken the common size building, and simplified the process, by providing a typical,

bolt-up beam frame, and all the necessary components to do the job--all at an ECONOMICAL PRICE!

"Easy-Up" Metal Building Products

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Laredo Discount Metals is proud to announce "Easy -Up" Metal Building Products.
When you weld-up a metal building, the most difficult thing to get right every time, is the
BEAM FRAME. If you like the price savings of a weld-up building, but are uncomfortable
with the idea of welding your beam frames, then this is the answer to your problems!

We have done the first and most difficult step for you by fabricating the columns & rafters
where they simply bolt together, and then you do the rest. All you need to weld is the 8"
cee or zee purlins to the clips already attached to the rafter!! We offer 3 common
rafter sizes (30', 40', & 50') and 3 common column sizes (12', 14', & 16').

You can mix and match these to customize your building needs. We have
economical 8-inch, 14-gauge cee or zee purlins for 20' or 25' bays as well as the
sheets, trim, screws, insulation, and everything else you need to finish the job.

We have several common sizes listed on the next 2 pages of this catalog to choose from.
And remember, with this system, you can customize to fit your needs.

Come by or call and let us help you with your next building project.
We really will save you $$$$!