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V-Groove Wheel-Cast Iron

​Bearing rollers with grease zert.  Built for smooth operation.

Premium 4 Wheel Door Track Roller

​Maximum support for your hanging needs.  Heavy duty rollers with welded axles and sealed bearings for smooth operation.  Painted finish.  With nuts & bolt.

​Max Capacity: 1,430 lbs. each.

Wheels and Rollers

Premium V-Groove Wheel-Steel

​Maintenance free H.D. sealed roller bearings.  3,000 lb. capacity per wheel, requires 1" angle.  Includes 1/2" OD steel axle.

Rubber Guide Rollers

​Heavy duty roller on a weld-able steel mounting bracket with bearings and non-removable pin.

V-Groove Wheel Boxes

​Fits 4" or 6" V-Groove Wheels.



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